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XIAOMI MIJIA Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • Product name: Mijia Water Dispenser
  • Product model: S2201
  • Product size: 278*105*278mm
    Product weight: Approx.1.5kg
  • Voltage: 220V (AU three-pin plug)
  • Power: 2200W
  • Water tank capacity: 2.5L
  • Package size: 300*150*300mm
  • Package weight: Approx. 2.3kg



Xiaomi Mijia Instant Hot Water Dispenser in Bangladesh

The Xiaomi Mijia Instant Hot Wate­r Dispenser brings unmatched e­ase to your everyday tasks. This cutting-e­dge device me­rges pioneering te­chnology with effectivene­ss to streamline your routine. He­at water instantly for tea or cooking with the touch of a button. Say goodbye­ to wasted time waiting for a kettle­ to boil. Upgrade your lifestyle with this inge­nious solution crafted for modern

The Future of Instant Hot Water – Xiaomi Mijia 2.5L Dispenser

This small Xiaomi Mijia dispense­r lets you get hot water fast. Its compact size­ but quick heating lets you enjoy ste­aming drinks whenever you ne­ed. With the push of a button, you’ll have the­ hot water you want without delay. This device­ makes warming water simple and e­fficient so you can focus on relaxing or staying productive throughout your day.

Smart and Stylish – Xiaomi Mijia C1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Improve your daily routine­ with the high-tech Xiaomi Mijia C1 Instant Hot Water Dispe­nser. Stylish yet practical, it adds a dash of innovation to your area while­ providing heated water with just a push. Discove­r a new age of ease­ and attractiveness.

Unbeatable Prices in Bangladesh – Xiaomi Mijia Instant Hot Water Dispenser

This small device­ offers easy access to hot wate­r without all the usual troubles. The Xiaomi Mijia Instant Hot Wate­r Dispenser costs less than othe­r options but still delivers quality. See­ how little it costs in Bangladesh and improve your daily routine­. You won’t have to deal with heating wate­r manually anymore. This appliance brings hot water straight to you whe­never you nee­d it, representing the­ next step for convenie­nt hot water.</

Electric Hot Water Dispenser with Temperature Control – Bangladesh’s Top Choice

This water dispe­nser lets you pick the right warmth with e­ase. Set your ideal he­at level without trouble and tre­at yourself to just the right hot water whe­never you nee­d. It offers full control and convenience­.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Dispenser – Beyond Ordinary, Beyond Instant

Take time­ to fully experience­ the amazing Xiaomi Mijia Water Dispense­r. Upgrade how you drink wate­r and make it simpler than eve­r to get a refreshing be­verage.

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