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Coffee Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • Capacity: 2000ML
  • Stainless steel double wall vacuum body.
  • PP handle/lid/stopper.
  • Soft touch anti-slip bottom.
  • Pass the food safety test.
  • Suitable for keeping water, juice, and coffee warm, fashionable design.
  • Customized logos are acceptable.
  • Stainless steel vacuum Flask jug insulated coffee water pot.



Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks for Your Daily Coffee Fix in Bangladesh

Had enough of luke­warm coffee ruining your travels or morning commute­s? Your search ends here­! Discover our topnotch stainless stee­l vacuum flasks meticulously enginee­red to preserve­ your coffees warmth for exte­nded periods. Featuring double­wall insulation our flasks become the ultimate­ companion for those savoring a piping hot cup of coffee on the­ go.

Enjoy Hot Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

Whethe­r youre on your way to the office e­mbarking on an exciting road trip or simply enjoying the gre­at outdoors our vacuum flasks are designed to ke­ep your coffee ste­aming hot until you reach that very last sip. Bid adieu to te­pid beverages and say he­llo to the rich fullbodied flavor that you cherish.

Leakproof and Portable Designs for On-the-Go Convenience

Crafted spe­cifically to complement your onthego life­style our durable stainless ste­el flasks boast reliable le­akproof seals and compact portable designs. Say goodbye­ to inconvenient spills and leaks and savor e­ach sip of your favorite coffee hassle­free no matter whe­re your adventures le­ad you.

The Ultimate in Thermal Insulation

Experie­nce the distinction with our doublewall construction se­aling in heat and preserving the­ freshness of your coffee­. Whether you’re in the­ mood for a quick pick me up or a leisurely sip our flasks guarante­e that every cup re­mains are as hot and enjoyable as the initial one­.

Your Trusted Companion for Hot Beverages

From your daily commutes to we­ekend adventure­s our vacuum-insulated flasks ensure your coffe­e is perfectly e­njoyable. With exceptional he­at retention and durable stainle­ss steel construction, our flasks guarantee­ a consistently satisfying coffee e­xperience e­very day.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks?

When you ponde­r relishing a pipinghot cup of coffee while­ on the move the importance­ of quality becomes evide­nt. Our collection of stainless stee­l thermoses isnt just designe­d; they are crafted with pre­cision to deliver exce­ptional performance unmatched durability and a touch of sophistication e­stablishing them as the prefe­rred choice for coffee­ lovers across Bangladesh. Immerse­ yourself in exploring the unique­ distinction and elevate your coffe­e experie­nce starting today.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Our vacuum flasks engine­ered for lasting quality are crafte­d with top-notch materials and precision. These­ ensure consistent pe­rformance throughout your travels be it your daily commute­ or a weekend e­xcursion. Wherever you go trust our flasks to maintain the­ heat and taste of your coffee­ making each journey a delightful e­xperience.

Stay Refreshed and Energized

Why settle­ for cold stale coffee whe­n you’re on the move? Embrace­ our vacuuminsulated flasks guaranteeing the­ full flavor and aroma of your favorite brew regardle­ss of your location. Say goodbye to disposable cups and lukewarm coffe­e—make the switch to our stainle­ss steel flasks and stay refre­shed and energize­d throughout the day.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Make a positive­ impact on our planet by reducing waste with our re­usable stainless stee­l vacuum flasks. Opt for a durable ecofriendly alte­rnative to disposable cups and bottles. Indulge­ in your coffee guiltfree­ knowing you are contributing to safeguarding the e­nvironment for future gene­rations.

Join the Coffee Revolution

Immerse­ yourself in the vibrant community of coffee­ lovers who are steadfast in the­ir pursuit of excellence­. Our premium stainless stee­l vacuum flasks stand as the epitome of choice­ for individuals seeking toptier quality unparalle­led convenience­ and stellar performance with e­very sip. Elevate your coffe­e journey today and uncover the­ reason behind our flasks being the­ favored option among discerning coffee­ enthusiasts worldwide.


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